Blackwood created  a WORKFORCE Redevelopment program in 2015. Blackwood recognized the need for more skilled workers in the construction trade and was experiencing difficulty in locating individuals who had the desire and/or skills  to go into construction. Blackwood reached out to HOPE VILLAGE Halfway house to identify any re-entering citizens who were interested in restarting their career in construction.

Through a lengthy interview process, Blackwood has been able to identify  individuals who were motivated to train and get back into the workforce. In addition, Blackwood partnered with a local Pastor who was affiliated with  ERCPCP  (East of the River Clergy Police Community partnership) to provide life counseling sessions on a weekly basis and to assist these individuals in positive transformation. Blackwood is proud to say several individuals have been employed since the beginning and have made huge strides in rebuilding their lives. One of our returning Citizens has been promoted to Team Labor Supervisor. We look forward to future success with our program.